To Here and Now

June 26, 2007


a scarlet minx and the lovefairy tale (2)
fresh in-mind love at-hand storylines on-body wordless ready rhythm offer quick classic


Daymoon and Everafter find Truelove in the Ordinary. Extraordinary. Everything.

“Yesyesyesyes” is breathed onto silky scarletlocks.

Day-blind stars burn each from inside-out making them Starshiny in their own sky that day.

“Upupupupup” pumps a quiet voice speaking about the wonder of the orginal plot.

Two rise to a point of intersection, then arch backward to return (again) the length of a curve finding a Whole.

“Inoutinoutinout” mumurs Daymoon, who, with all her arms pulls Everafter into a basket.

Then, she steps around the edges of night becomes Moonwhite lifts a dark cloak to enfold a new face.

“Thank you Grandmother for goodygifts received” mouths an unspoken voice mesmerized by Truemagic.

Somebodies weave now through deepforest sleep. She, too, slumbers safe from Wolf kept at bay, only Halfmoon,

’til she rises Full with Everafter each night and all day.

the moist place of silence/ it is you who are so present/ (that is you are divested of illusion/ you are real in a real world)/ we are where no words grow/ then there is/ after the orgasm time/ for sexvision to begin

here/ to take a step out/ you must/ take a step in/ here/ to speak/ you must not/ use words/ here/ to give yourself away all away/ is to give yourself to yourself/ and another as well and (twice as much)/ back/

the orgasm was not had – an orgasm/ shouldn’t be had like a woman it should be and is as coming and going as ever presnt as – let me think – waves yes or tides – it can be as orchestrated as a filmed/ tenth-take it can be like being hit by a car but it is/ what makes us the same as water or trees it is some/ energy which relates us to life

can you get what you want without giving it away

I want us to learn this/ love together mining for gold and fool’s gold (it’s pretty/ enough) and come away with three bags full I want to/ touch the shudder of fear I want to be present I want/ to watch/ I want affirmation of our relationship I want smiles/ from them all and nods of the head not discomfort or/ even antagonsim being scared for us remembering how/ years of being bricked-up by bland or hostile reactions

– Kathleen Mary Fallon, Working Hot

the text that writes itself (or is written)/ in the morning (or afternoon) after/ lovemaking (or dreams about lovemaking)/ is the best text

    – Kathleen Mary Fallon, Working Hot


Have sex and write!

Dear Heart

April 26, 2007


A Story from O

April 10, 2007

X: I really loved you. You feel strange to me now.

O: I know. I loved you too.

X: Why?

O: Because I’m choosing to struggle less, trust more, and act. Can you forgive me the pain I’ve caused you?

X: Yes. Can you forgive me the tight grip with which I held you?

O: Yes. I still love you, you know?

X: I know. Thank you for loving me.


March 22, 2007

Kindly, I was forwarded a link by Audacia Ray from Waking Vixen Productions, who spent the fall of 2006 writing. What was she writing? Well, she was putting down into words her first book, Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration, a book about female sexuality and the internet, which is published by Seal Press, June 2007. So what was the link? And why the title, ‘Overdue’? I will offer the link to you shortly, but first a note about my title. I use the word for two reasons: First, I was sent the link back in January and neglected to follow-up on the forward and second, but more important, the title refers to both a message about sex and disability that is past due and to change that is too long awaited.

Cory Silverberg discusses sex work and disability in an article posted at and finishes the piece with a request that we “read more stories by people and fewer stories about people. ” Personal blogs can fill this need, but so can photographic works, television series, and documentaries. However, Silverberg refers to Guardian Unlimited’s First Person column as an example. Nick Wallis in a personal essay shared his story on January 15, 2007, where he names this regret :

“I regret that I couldn’t be like everyone else and share a first sexual relationship with someone I knew and loved, and part of me feels that having to resort to paying a woman for sex reflects something lacking in society, not least because I know that some people disapproved of my actions.”

The above insight reveals much about the sexual situations facing some people with disabilities, but Wallis in a striking disclosure unveils more about sex and society in the following observation, “Strangely, talking to people – especially parents and carers – about death and dying may be easier than talking to them about sex.”

Read the article and Nick’s story. Share them with other people you know. Share your own story. We can be a part of change: be loving and know that we can find common ground in our desires to love and be loved.


March 21, 2007

Photographic works by Sarah Murray and Kyla Harris
March 17 – April 29

218 E 28th Avenue at Main Street, Vancouver, BC / / 778.996.9887

Gallery Hours 11-5 Thursdays – Sundays


I’m curious, are you? Later, in an up-coming post, I’ll write more about this show. ‘Til then, how does an erotic image play with you? What does such a photo make you wonder about? Does your camera (or someone else’s) provide for you a means for s-exploration?

A Scarlet Minx

March 20, 2007

a scarlet minx and the firetrap (1)

bodies beneath weight tangle crash thrash to the


scurry hurry to escape
throw into throes burning
wake to heart leaps
but short
of beating
rattle, release
from out of each

smoking hot heat

rubs smooth-talking nub
feet hands wave rock
collect lovers
in large arms
envelop sweet you

:like dance,

and a winking eye.

tender fat,
eye on a belly smooth


licks flame
then a nine-beat rhythm

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
twirls breasts
whirls nipples

heart flung far
anxious to be
[had by]
eight-limbed beast:

2 sets of wings

system of roots

one mischievious smile

menacingly delicious feast
this beast

shakes, shudders, suspends

in midair
falls back into fiery abyss to
burn anew aglow
bed swallows
the fiesta whole

ah yes!

Sex Scents

March 10, 2007

At different times, in a photograph that reeks of sex or in the covers of an unmade bed, I can smell the sex I want or the sex I just had, but what of those other scents, the flavours that weave around you when you walk by a bakery, step out of the shower, walk on the beach, or when you hug your lover? Explore a range of smells. Look for something interesting, arousing, and intoxicating. Get a whiff of something that stinks of sex.

Read Scents and Sexability, written by Karon Liu, to set your sniffer on the right trail.

Also, try drawing a picture of your favourite scent. Give the picture to your lover. See if they can track down the smell that has the power to seduce you.

Radiate Erotic

February 15, 2007


She Sighs He

January 15, 2007


She Sighs He
I roll
inward toward myself.
Then, I roll
outward into you.

Wet-up waiting only to


That I am about you.

Moment After

January 7, 2007

Moment After


differently bare

smooth cheek against cheek

it starts and ends

my breath our breath

mixes breathes we

and I don’t lie anymore.


December 22, 2006




up right erect

air smooth


December 21, 2006

SEEK! out

SLIP! on

SLAP! on


true sign